Residential Services


D4 Construction recognizes that building a home for someone is a very personal journey. A home is both a major financial investment and an outward expression of an individual’s or family’s personality. From the beginning, there needs to be trust between all parties (owner, contractor, and architect) for everyone to work to a common goal. And that goal should be that the owner’s expectations of quality, budget, and schedule are met. Together we can plan, design, and build your next custom home or renovation.


D4 Construction understands what owners want and deliver exceptional services to the apartment industry. With the rental market experiencing an increased amount of interest, it is important now more than ever to keep your properties current, attractive, and safe to be competitive in this expanding market. New apartments are being developed rapidly, which means older units need to be maintained and updated to maximize their potential. Whether you are looking to re-position or renovate a property, we provide a team possessing the knowledge and experience necessary to exceed your expectations. We can perform all services in a wide geographic range, so we can respond to all your needs without your team having to source separate vendors for each property location.


D4 Construction has been extremely fortunate to have the opportunity to complete many remodeling jobs for veterans under the Veteran Administration’s Specially Adapted Housing (SAH) grant program. This program recognizes the benefits of being able to stay in one’s own home as long as possible and affords veterans the opportunity to make this a reality. D4 Construction collaborates with our clients and their support group (such as spouses, adult children, caregivers, physicians, and others) to assemble a professional assessment of their physical requirements for accessibility and safety. A highly trained specialist then conducts an on-site assessment of the client’s living and/or working environment. An individualized Lifestyle Plan is designed and then incorporated.